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Helen Masey


Expert, caring, hands on therapy

For your physical and mental health

For anyone, of any age 

Helping you do the things you want to do.


Calming pain, easing movement, helping your body and mind to relax, heal and restore.

Treatment and support to help you move more easily and enjoy life more comfortably.

Private, Personalised, Discreet, Confidential Care. 

Based in Woodley, Berkshire (RG5)


Specialist Soft Tissue Therapy 

Clinical and Remedial Massage

Sport and Relaxation Massage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Care

Myofascial and Biotensegrity Therapies

Movement and activity advice

Body-Mind Therapy

Relax, Revive, Recover, Repair, Restore

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back massage
people working out
infant yoga
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Children Embracing in Circle
yoga class
people running
couple walking
people dancing

 I offer appointments at my private therapy room in Woodley by individual arrangement. can
In some circumstances I may be able to visit you at your home if you cannot get to me.
If you would like to contact me to see if I can help you, or to make an appointment please call, text or email me.

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Please call, text or email me directly to make an appointment:

Helen Masey


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